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Tank Containers

Kotank Ltd. specializes in tank container operation, offering transportation of chemicals (haz/ non haz), oils, alcohols, fuel additives, food grade products etc. to and from any destinations (exw to door)
Tank Containers
Tank Containers
Tank Containers
Tank Containers
Tank Containers

Kotank Ltd. is a well-established Israeli shipping agency and a tank container operator, manned by professionals and active in all major Israeli ports, with branches in the ports of Haifa and Ashdod. All our offices are equipped with the most advanced computer systems to serve Global tank container operators, in the most effective and efficient way.


Kotank Ltd. was established as a private company in 1978. Through the years of serving its customers, our company has provided ample proof of its innovative abilities. Among others it was the first Israeli shipping agency to represent an Eastern European shipping line – DSR Senator Lines.


Kotank Ltd. has access to many industries on the Israeli business scene, including importers and exporters of raw materials and manufactured products.


Kotank Ltd. specializes in tank container operation, offering transportation of chemicals (haz/ non haz), oils, alcohols, fuel additives, food grade products etc. to and from any destinations (exw to door).


The experience gained throughout the years by Kotank's executives is reflected today in the company’s decision-making and in the service steeped in tradition, which it renders to its customers.


As a leading figure in maritime shipping with access to many industries, Kotank Ltd. can:

  • Handle the discharge and loading of tank containers, using our existing facilities
  • Provide auxiliary services such as cleaning (incl. Hazardous), heating, pre-trip inspections, repairs, etc.
  • Provide excellent service and exceed customer’s expectations
  • Provide expert technical support and Emergency response teams
  • Minimize turn-around time and have tanks sailing again in no time
  • Guarantee quick and prompt response to all enquiries
  • Obtain the best freight rates the market can offer
  • Provide sales leads for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Charge reasonable handling fee, and give maximum
  • Value for your money. 


Please contact us for further details.


Haifa Head Office:
54, Hameginim Blvd., P.O.Box 33815 Haifa 31330, Israel
Tel: +972-4-8522527, Fax: +972-4-8522572
E-mail: info@kotank.global

Ashdod Branch:
27 Haorgim st., Golden Tower Building
Ashdod 77609 Israel
E-mail: info@kotank.global


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